Head part 2

When I got the confirmation today the head confirmed that it will arrive tomorrow morning!
We will set up the engine from tomorrow evening and all will be completed by midnight
I put a reservation for the automobile inspection on Thursday in Toyota so I will be able to ride on Friday.
The user is the best, but it is hard to rest during the day, so bring it to Toyota.
By the way, is FMF's Power Core 4Q OK?
Since blinkers and lights are normal, it is OK but it is told that the muffler will measure the volume ^ ^; There is no choice but to pray afterwards!

Oh, it was a long way to come anyway ~
Eventually it will be decided whether you can go to the touring on Friday
If you can go, you plan a "DRZ break-in Izu tooling"!
It is a touring that goes alone with people calling on the net!


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