Wheel, from 5 inch to 5.5 inch

Still topics of CBR 600 F ~

The initial model of the CBR 600 F 2 (my F 3) is 4.5 inches of the rear wheel
It was 5 inches from the medium term model.

So, my car also has 5 inches.

Although 170 tires are the best for 5 inches, the tires can be used up
What I am wearing is Dunlop Ambiteon 01
There is only 180 on the rear tire.
If you put 180 in 5 inches, the tire becomes round and can not be used to the edge.
In terms of data, it becomes 5 mm in width and 2 mm in outer diameter at the end.

Naturally, the contact area becomes smaller, and the posture in the bank will fall backward.
Given the back torque and acceleration ability of 600, you want to secure a rear grip at all
So I activated CBR 600 F 5.5 inches plan this time (^ – ^)

As a result of investigating, the same CBR 600 F PC 35 wheel [vehicle of the first aluminum frame] is the same hub
Color together. It turns out that what is different is the size of the hub on the wheel side!
I managed to install it using this!

Completed in here ~


You can use the rear tire with this!
And I think that the rank pace will go up with the setting around the front which changed last week!

Another rank up by next season! I am looking forward to it ~


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