SSB for Honda VFR 800 02 to 09

This time I made SSB for Honda VFR 800 02 ~ 09.

This vehicle! A vehicle with a cowl, and a thing called a side radiator
In addition to the previous vehicle more things with various parts on the side
There was no place to install the bumper at all, it was a machine that seems to be at a loss at first.
However, satisfactory things were completed with experience and manufacturing precision etc until now!

Planning from the beginning that you can detach the cowl while wearing the bumper, everything is barely down
By designing it, things that can be worn without having to relocate the radiator sub tank etc are completed.
I think that strength is also dramatically increased by adding reinforcing pipes in the middle.


And the figure with the cowl wearing this


Finally, the fall test was perfectly cleared.


I think that a good bumper that protects the side radiator is completed.

How is it?

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