SSB for Hornet 250

This time I made SSB for Honda Hornet 250.
Because there are also few people using it and the way of making it was difficult, "There is no reproducibility"
This time I made it as a complete one off.

Things that made it to the limit by balancing with the radiator hose
Especially there was a difficulty in the mounting method on the back side.

But it was finished in a bumper with a good feeling that matched the car body as it was completed.


And the usual fall test!


There is no thing that overhangs to the back side that still lacks a sense of stability any longer! It seems to come from
Actually it will not be upside down, I think that it has sufficient performance.

The bumper of this time, the thing called complete one-off price is
We will consider it as 45150 yen (tax included).

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