Let's think about the basic movement of the machine

Motorcycles have basic constructions and movements and characteristics.
? It is a vehicle that runs on two wheels
? Bend and turn when the steering wheel is turned off
There is a change in posture by having a suspension
It is rear wheel drive
? Grip force will increase if the tire gives too much weight.
I think that the vehicle now on sale will fit into this. "There are various other things but I can not write it …"

So what is the operation and behavior that accompany it?
? It will collapse if not balanced. "Open up the accelerator or stabilize it when applying the brake"
? Do not bend unless you move your weight and make it banked "It will bend so as to break the balance"
? Because there is a change in posture rider is swayed on the car body "excessive movement slows down"
? When accelerating, the rear wheels slip and the front wheels float.
? Weight of machine + weight + Energy generated by motorcycle

While preventing the rider from being affected by the machine that makes such movements
It is sports riding to actively move and manipulate the machine to move more efficiently!

Human beings have a semicircular canal and eyes on their heads, in order to balance and stabilize visibility
I think that it is sensible to understand that it is useless if the head moves like moving!
So what kind of movement should a rider move on a motorcycle running while the bike moves up and down, left and right, back and forth? It is possible to stabilize the position of the head by operating the motorcycle and moving in advance of the movement of the machine! "From the bike's move, the rider will be swayed around the bike."
This is the movement that the rider does not get influenced from the bike!

So what is the movement that riders work on bikes?
Please think carefully here. A machine that will collapse without permission even if it is left alone!
Do riders need to move greatly on such machines?
Actually the rider should move a little and break the balance!
But what matters here is that while the motorcycle is sleeping a bit of unbalance
It is to do as long as possible! That's what I wrote before, together with the bike
Fall! ! What is it?
When accelerating, I want to earn grip by placing excessive weight on the rear wheels! That's why your weight is on the rear wheel
Push your butt against the seat with consciousness.

Do not get influenced by this bike! The rider actively works on the motorcycle!
What is the move that can do it!
I am in a curvilinear movement! It moves like drawing a circle!
Another one "do not do it!" This is it ~ (^ _ ^;)

Today so far … If you do not understand please ask me ~


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