For the past two weeks I was working in the garage!
Working until 1 o'clock in the evening and going to bed sleep
Tiredness has gathered up.
But I can finish accustoming a little in a while! I could run happily.
It is likely to be a machine.
It's pretty long finish to gymkhana
Pass, circuit, gymkana and touring
With feet that you can enjoy. I finished in a torqueful and easy-to-run engine.
Another thing, I tried changing the engine oil this time.
This time I tried using Motorx 's Power Synth 10 – 50 w oil.
As 100% chemical synthesis, it is cheap oil but unexpectedly
I tried it because I heard that the reputation is good in every direction.
I ran as far as 100 km after putting in, but mechanical noise, entered gear
Power feel etc. It is pretty good feeling.
Later tested with gymkhana and touring, and how much will it have in the end
I'd like to try it, I would like to continue using it in future.

Well I should go to the last breakfast touring on weekends ~

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