SSB for Yamaha R1 – Z 250

This time I made SSB for Yamaha R1Z250!

Since it is a frame of a truss structure of a pipe work, always use the U bolt to the pipe as it is
I made it, but there is no installation point of pipe going behind, I got lost
I made it clear by making metal fittings to prevent displacement of U bolt on the back side.



I think that it was attached without discomfort.

And the falling test of any time.


This vehicle has no object protruding behind the back, with weight balance and centering on the bumper
It turned out that it was easy to turn over by lifting around the front!
So we decided that installing the rear slider would improve the defense capability.

Click here for the fall test after wearing the rear slider


I understand that the car body is definitely awake.

How is it?

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