Line picking

It takes a lot of experience to decide on line taking a single shot!
Even if I know how to run fast if I run it many times, will I be able to choose it from the beginning?
That is an important key in Gymkhana. Also it is important both on public roads and at the circuit.
I think that I will notice after running the course in practice. Chasing the previous rider
Running to the gum shara will gradually run a short distance with a linear line.
That's right! How can you say that line picking runs short and finds straight lines? What is it?
And whether to make use of it or to kill, can you run at full throttle and get on the line? It depends on.
After all what line does the machine pass through when I ran at full speed?
Do not you know it or not! That is important.

The idea of ​​the line is the shortest taking into consideration the maximum turning force, the longest straight line can be taken
Choosing a line! Is this Class A possible?

So how to find my flow line
To find a line that can run linearly while accelerating, to get on that line
Find a clipping point! Find the approach angle that suits it and enter it
I will decide the running line of the previous straight line!
This is my flow.

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