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It is GSXR finishing while trying variously
What is most troubling now is that while breaking
The rear is slippery when banking.
It is getting better little by little, but it is still the biggest problem.
So I am expecting the most from change of the rear suspension!
That's right! I already have ordered Orleans Suspect (^ ^) v
The spring rate has also been narrowed down so we have already ordered the spring change.
Maybe it will arrive in early November ~ ~
Orleans has something called rebound spring in other terms
It seems that the grip at the time of entry will dramatically improve
Moreover, it is difficult to open grip and accelerator of acceleration of other problems
There are lots of problems that will be better with change of suspension such as
It's really fun and can not be helped ~ (^^ ♪
Problem solving at once! In other words it is awesome ~ ~

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