World Cup

While watching the World Cup currently doing, "I did not know about soccer because I was playing basketball"
I felt that basic skills, physical fitness, and aggressiveness were insufficient for Japanese players.
First of all, since the trap is not good, it will be delayed one tempo,
I rush and give a pass and lack accuracy.
I know I'm going to pick up the fur, but because I fall down easily, I can not connect next.
why? You do not shoot there? There was not aggressiveness enough to think that it was.
I saw that feeling absolutely compared to other countries!
It goes without saying that such a laureate is obvious –

But again the accuracy of basic techniques such as basic trap, pass, dribble
I thought it was important – I thought!
Speaking of gymkhana
Accelerator work, brake, weight shift · · ·
If you do not improve its accuracy you will not win in the production!
I am going to devote myself so that I can do more accurate riding.

Good luck at the end Nippon! ! I support you ~ ~

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