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This time, we held a gymka school at Nakai Circuit hosted by Mikko.
It was a target school for beginners & C2, but in the morning
I took the instructor in charge of 8 characters.
There, I was observing the novice 's running and I had something to come up with.
The feature of the novice 's running is that the speed is slow all over and it means that it runs in delicate accelerator work.
In other words, I run like I cross over the bridge.
Compared to that, the running speed of the C2 player is faster and there is sharpness.
The speed of approaching to figure 8 is fast, and using that speed, we apply the brakes to the middle of figure 8 by inertia, from there accelerating with accelerator ON.
There is a sense of stability since its acceleration is also good.
In other words, beginners are not going to speed as accelerator opening is bad and do not use that speed so they are balancing with the accelerator from the beginning of turning and bending.
But I am not good at accelerator, so I can not bend it well · · · It is such feeling.
As I knew it was a place I was not touching when teaching.
Let's increase the speed of entry more!
One word is pressure for beginners, but just a little speed increases stability.
Is it not bad for tandem 8 to wear that feeling?
It was the first school day for such a feel.

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