Secretariat tea cup and test

The office tea cup was held yesterday at Tingmin Motorland!
Very nice weather and a peaceful atmosphere, "But when I ran, seriously" I had a wonderful day (^ _ ^) v
And this time it was a day that I thought it was a bit busy to say that it is also a game and another Bridgestone's 002PRO test and shake down of the front suspension we just put in and setting.
I leave home at 5 in the morning and arrive at 7:30 on the site! "There is 150 km"
After getting off the machine after arrival, while measuring the distance around the front of the other 1100 and the front of 1200
I will knead the setting in my head. However, since I do not know the suspension that has never been run, I will go on like this for the first time in the meantime! Is this also good for practice mileage? I think that Bridgestone's design thinking will come up to honest handling that can be thought of.
And it's real! The front position where the head position is higher than before 4, and the front has become 3 and bigger
The front tire easily pulls out the weight of the front · · · Ah ~ I can not bend · I can thrust but I can not bend (: _;) Somehow while cheating ~~~~~ Le! The time I put out was 1 minute 35 seconds 0 …
Mr. Zhi ○ who is wearing the top and the same tire is in 32 seconds · · · Mazui · · · Bad! It is too far away!

As a matter of course lunch burns the setting change! ! !
If I rework the difference from the previous setting again, 4 of the protrusion amount is not enough anymore!
Moreover, in the calculation, the rise in the previous oil is fast to the new suspension!
In such a case it is best to return to the previous setting! To return to the calculated extrusion!
And the second heat! The moment we started running, this is good ~ (^ _ ^) v
A new type fork that has been getting better and better than before, keeps catching the road firmly and lightly!
However, it seems to me that the rear area burns badly … It seems that the tire is sliding easily. .
Since it also slides at a higher position than intended, it is necessary to suppress the accelerator opening degree.
Nevertheless the front tire with great grip and rigidity and the suspension with improved followability
Keep running while covering it easily. . When steering angle follows from high load etc.
It bends easily while showing extremely neutral handling. This is fantastic!
But I do not know what it is ,, 002 which shows the same handling at all times does not come out easily.
Where can I go? What should the rider do here?
After all I do not know and I am the goal. Time put out 32.9 · · somehow entered the 32 second range!
Mr. Zhi who made a goal after that is 32.4! Well 0.5 seconds difference! This is to say that the rider's ability is different
It was a good run! Let's say that (^ _ ^;)
After all, regarding suspension, it seems to be settled by making everything as it was before!
Although I do not know whether I can go as it is when I return to Dunlop. .
And 002! I think this tire is a tire that will surely give excellent performance to everyone!
It surely gives us a sense of security and neutral handling, it is a good tire.
However, both I and Mr. ○ also say, "If you are me, do not choose 209 GP in D ~" Opinion fits!
why? 002 is a wonderful tire that rolls peacefully and well! But instead there is no information volume.
I'm not sure how far I can go. That calls a sense of uneasiness on the contrary.
However, Dunlop who gives some kind of signal in the circumstances of offense can be attacked at ease.
The feeling which I got on was the point contact point 002, the surface contact point 209? Will you say that it is close to rigid 002, works well 209? Anyway, after all, is it a matter of taste?
Finally the rear tire felt overwhelmingly 209 advantage – (^_^) v

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