Participate in office workshop cup with ZRX 1200.

As I wrote in the previous article, I went to the office workshop cup with ZRX 1200.

Is it the first time in four years that gymkhana-like running?
To run seriously it is necessary to be a little more ZRX weight,
I tried my best to the utmost.

The first heat seems to have mistakenly set up tire air with ZRX after a long absence
Especially the front tire got stuck and it was not possible to run it well.
Time is 1 minute 21 seconds 7. . . It was a run that I could not boil over a bit.

In the 2nd heat, we challenged by raising the tire air.
The yore of the tire also decreased, so I was able to attack it one more step
The time was shortened by nearly a second and a half, was it 1 minute 20 seconds 4?
I guess it was enough as the current run now?

As I got used to the tires and got used to running gymkhana, I felt like I could extend time a little more.

After all ZRX 1200 is good ~ ~ ~

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