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Yesterday, I went to the office chair tea cup.
This time we enjoyed the two situations called dry in the morning and wet in the afternoon.
The first heat can be run dry and I guess I'll try adventure for a while
I changed to a different front desk short and ran.
The reason is to cover the low speed of super high cam, by extending the wheel base
It was planned to stabilize the front load and increase the low speed turn.
However, as I run I do not move forward at all …
I will immediately blow it off, I do not know the choice of the gear, and also a half clutch
I could not use it well and the time fell 2 seconds at the top … … 102%.
I am sorry for running with rather miserable. The 2nd heat is to return the final and run!
However, after noon the rain started falling apart (: _;)
I got tension down, but this time I say it is a wet match
Returning feelings and running.
The feeling that I returned the final moves forward and the choice of the gear goes well.
There is no problem with low speed turn! Is not it a nice feeling ~ (^ ^ ♪
And anyway Tomin's road is bored well even on wet!
The combination of Dragon Corsa + 002 + Motard machine is also wonderful.
The second heat was able to run with a drop of 5 seconds on the first heat.
Does not the result of this time seem to be satisfied? It does not demonstrate half of the potential
I ran but it was a lot of fun (^ ^ ♪
I want to be able to run a bit better next time ~ ~

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