How to use the body

I will be 56 years old this month too.
When it comes to 50, to say that it is necessary to keep the body in good condition to fight in the future
Toshinori Watanabe taught me "familiar funny" he belongs to the Japan Health Organization.
First off from the meal! I was spending time while taking minerals.

I am good at it, I am able to do top battle at the age of 56.

And recently from Watanabe you learned how to care for the body called loose quenching method,
I try to challenge practice and tournament while unraveling my muscles.

By increasing the flexibility of the body with the loose-fitting method, the movement of the body is actually improved, and together with the new riding
I am beginning to realize that it is beginning to produce effects. Y 31615

Why do not you ask someone who is interested in a funny way?


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