Practice of weight shift

How do you practice weight shift? Of course you are riding a motorcycle, are not you?
But it can not be as easy as it seems that the bike actually moves!
Actually I was not able to do it in the first place! Especially like gymkhana, it moves quickly
With things something will unexpectedly be dealt with dealing with machines one after another.
So I will introduce the practice I was doing at the beginning.
That practice is possible without having to ride a motorbike.
First I will prepare a chair. It seems like I was in a gym at a school that could not move if possible
The chair may be good. I sat down shallowly in that chair and I feel the weight evenly in my butt.
Close your eyes and make an image on a motorcycle.
So while checking that weight moves to the butt's ass that you want to bend lightly
We move weight. "Do not forget to move your head firmly by moving your head in the direction you want to bend"
You do not need to do too much. Whole body weight does not move to one side
It is good with 7: 3 or 6: 4.

At that time, what if the person can easily move the weight easily by bending or stretching the spine
Or, I think you will know what kind of position is good for moving fast!

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