Let's feel anything

I ride a bike rainy day and snowing day every day.
Although it is only 2 minutes by bicycle, … (^ _ ^;)
But it's been uphill all the time! Going is climbing and returning is falling everyday.
But that is always practicing.
My bicycle is a frame of a tight spin and a suspended position without suspension
The casters are standing outstandingly. The tires are also stronger tires!
It is quick handling that it is difficult to run with hands on.
Front wheels that respond accurately to subtle weight shifts, but do not accept rough driving.
Where are you now and how much did you move weight?
And does not the car's body reaction put the burden on the tire? etc
It is a very good exercise!

And four wheels.
4 wheel cornering and motorcycle cornering.
It looks quite different, overload control and overloading are exactly the same.
How to control the roll with 4 wheels! And the magnitude of the load on the tire
How to control the timing! The same for accelerator control!
Try on the four wheels to handle the motorcycle
Something may come up?


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