For example,

A very fun gymkaa, but there are things that are not enough as races!
That 's a rule I'm crazy! At this stage there are firm rules of racing
Course-in or course-out, casualty such as when a fallen person or course disorder exists
There are rules that seem to be better if you have decided a little more properly.
If there is a proper rule, everyone keeps the rules like a circuit and runs
It will be a more enjoyable and safe gymkaa, and something more like a license school than anything else
If you can open it will become a gymkaa for beginners to put in peace.
Even though it is a license, it is not complicated like a circuit, and basic basic rules
Just thoroughly thoroughly thing! At first it is a little hard but do not you think?

How about another bid acquisition system? "Fixed number of course! Fixed number for a year through good cheap bicycles!" "Especially AB class" to fix from previous year's results
A system you manage yourself for one year! How about? Is it difficult?
If you do so, it will be possible to practice it fun at a practice session by arranging them in order of number, in order of pretty fast (^ _ ^) v
"I think probably that it is too racey to put a bicycle to the car and it is tough in the current environment."

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