Front and rear balance

In the case of me, I will decide by pushing and pulling in order to take the initial balance in front and back.
I think that it is difficult to understand because this is only an individual's sense, but I will write it.

First of all it's preloading.
Hold the front brake and push the butt against the seat and move the suspension.
At that moment only the front will be late and sunk and will set back to come back in the same way.
Next, push the front suspension throughout the body and put the weight on the rear immediately.
I will observe the amount of subduction at that time and the timing when the front stretches and the back sinks.
There are people who judge elongation only by pushing a damper, but that is a mistake.
I pull plenty after pushing! The time when I pulled it is close to the high speed damper.
Somehow, the machines that are well balanced are the ones that move in the same way.
Why do not you try it?

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