Hokkaido Expedition – Akita ed.

Departed on April 30th at 4:00 AM, I went north on Tohoku way.
I first ate Yonezawa SA and I ate Yonezawa beef bowl for the first goal! Let me eat slightly thin but meat (^ _ ^) v


Next we will enter the Akita Expressway and enter the Sea of ​​Japan side! I entered Akita city and this time I went to Negori Stream Hall
It seems that it told me that it was squirting here in the hall of the festival light festival.


When … … the picture has turned sideways but I pardoned ~
This is the state of the demonstration. I tried a little, but it is quite difficult. There seems to be 50 kg for adults! I would like to see the festival of the actual ~

Next, we went to the red brick regional pavilion! It is a building in the Meiji era. .


And finally I will run toward the Oga Peninsula!
Speaking of the Oga Peninsula, famous is "Namahage" so stop at the Namahage Hall and display goods and
I saw a demonstration of Namahage! If you think that you heard the sound of striking Don Dong and the shutters strongly
Namahage enters into the house. Nagogahiranka ~ "A crying child does not exist ~" and a big sound
It is quite powerful to walk around while standing up, the little kids who were watching together naturally cried (: _;)


In the evening I entered the inn and ate a stone – cooked pot, and I was satisfied with seeing Namahage Taiko.



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