Hokkaido Expedition ~ Akita ~ Aomori

It took me a while since I wrote a little though time passed for a month. .

The schedule of the second day is Oga Peninsula ~ Tsugaru Peninsula ~ Ryuuki Cape ~ Aomori ~ Nebuta Hall ~ Inn!
Schedule of.
This route, pretty barely choice. .

Recently famous staircase national roads and


Tsugaru Strait Looking at the monument of the winter scenery "When you push the red switch, it flows a song!"


And even if it says anything, I was overwhelmed by the scenery like the picture of the severity of nature.


Next we aim for Aomori city which is the accommodation place.
Speaking of Aomori, visiting the Nebuta Kaikan by saying "Nebuta"


It is quite impressive
Finally arrived at the inn but today will not end like this
I went to an izakaya "apple tea shop" where I can hear Tsugaru Shamisen from evening!
The tremendous powerful Tsugaru shamisen will be able to dangle with Tsugaru's rugged Tsugaru nature that I've seen!
There were three Shamisen players at this shop, owner and Shima-san were also shops that can sing folk songs very good!
Actually this time the Tsugaru Shamisen was a shop I found by looking at my wife's request to listen
It was good to come! It was a shop where you can listen to delicious meals that seems to be Tsugaru folk songs and powerful shamisen!


Well, tomorrow is finally landing Hokkaido!


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