I am doing gymkhana for a long time, but still in Hokkaido tournament
I had not been out.
I was able to go to Sapporo convention on May 5th! ! Crackling (^ _ ^) v
I could also make a reservation for a ferry to go! After that we make reservations for tournament entries and inn
I just make a reservation for the ferry on the way back.
The route departs Tokyo on April 30th night! ~ Tohoku Expressway sightseeing north, Hirosaki, Aomori
Enter Hakodate with a ferry on the morning of 2! I moved to Sapporo on the 3rd and went to the practice session on 4th
The 5th is the tournament! On the 5th night I am staying at Otaru and saying I will enter Niigata by ferry on the 6th
It's a schedule.
Aomori also for the first time, Hakodate also started for the first time, and my wife did not even step in Hokkaido (^ _ ^;) What should I eat from now? It is serious as to where to look.
Please let me know if there is a recommended place!
And Hokkaido people thank you!


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