Shikoku expedition 2

I ran high speed from Wakasa crossing the Akashi Bridge,


Pass through Awajishima and cross the Naruto Bridge


I am landing in Shikoku.
Both are too good ~ big bridge! The Akashi Ohashi bridge has a distance between main pillar and main pillar of 1600 m or more
It seems to be the world 1. I will think that it is Suga no matter how many times I pass.

Naturally when crossing Shikoku … · · · · · · · · · · · · ·


Udon here is really delicious! Although it has Kosi, it is not hard … ·

At night it is Awa Odori of another main event!
Before that, I will go to eat Tokushima ramen with a belly!
This is also … super maniac


But here too … ま い う ~ ___ ___ ___ 0

This is the largest main venue this time, it is far bigger than last year
A famous series dances a lot.


It has been heart-danced by the power of male dance and the glamor of women's dancing (^ _ ^) v

Well, it's time for the main Gymkhana tournament!


NEW Busy with the first heat tension of tension by putting in the machine and second heating to the setting
I could not run nice, but I enjoyed running with everyone (^ _ ^) v

I also wanted to come back next year (^ _ ^) v

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