Shikoku expedition

No ~ I also tried hard on this expedition! I ran 2,000 km in 5 days with one person driving.
But Grand Canyon … it is big, but thanks to that, it is a car that does not get tired ~
It is saved (^ _ ^) v
This time main is naturally gymkhana tournament, but we meet again with memories of travel 25 years ago
There was another purpose to say.
While leaning back to where I was, I have realized the 25th year of the month.
I was able to open a shop, the road spread and the road passed through a different place.
Even so, I was able to meet many memories and it was not even,
It is the Noto Peninsula which goes around tracing memory while saying.


This is Misashima "warship island" and I take pictures at the same place.
Because it resembles a warship, warship island … It's easy to understand ~ (^ _ ^;)


This is Wajima 's thousand paper! When I asked my grandmother here, it seems that the road is going through different places after all from 25 years ago …
In addition, I stopped at Kiriko Kaikan, Wajima Driveway, and Tojinbo in Wajima.


Whenever you talk to local people every time you visit, the image of the old days will come up, such a journey is also funny (^ _ ^) v
Next, what kind of landscape is it when you come to Noto ~

From here we will separate our memories and aim for Wakasa running along the Echizen coast.


On the Echizen coast there are still many shops that eat the Echizen crab, but now it is not a time.
I'm sorry ~~~ (: _;) I'd like to eat my daughter because I like a big crab, but this is a pathetic way. .
I will stay in Wakasa for 1 night and finally enter Shikoku! Tournament is waiting for Awa Odori!

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