I guess they are all rotating the same way.
Hit the handle lock, stabilize the drive torque, make the motorcycle as deep as possible.
I think that this is what everyone has in common.
So what's the difference between fast and slow people?
? It is early until the handle lock is hit.
? It is fast to stabilize the driving force and always maintains stable driving force.
As a result, you can rotate in a deep bank.
? It is possible to open the accelerator as soon as possible for escape.
So how can I do this? The answer is … practice!

Then what kind of things do you try while practicing?
I feel the difference between internal step overload and stepping outside step
? I try to push or pull the handle
? Do not rely on the rear brake, try rotating with just the accelerator work
Run with images like pushing the front wheels from behind
? Tries to try front overload and rear wheel overload
I will cut the handle quickly until the last minute
The rest is different for individual feelings, so it will differ greatly in body shape
I have no choice but to find a good way for me. Please be careful so that there are no injuries ~

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