Pass at night

Today it is on chain exchange? I ran near the mountain pass.
This time is the setting GSXR 750.
As Ome night is already chilly, I left my jacket on the trainer ~ Departed ~
First of all, run through the streets towards the tire shop's Soare!
"In fact, it is very cheap to buy a chain with SOARE! (^ _ ^) V"
On the way home after changing the chain, take a detour and go through the pass.
When going out by motorcycle into town it is a route you often use
"Perhaps you have heard of those who have run Okutama?"
Natsuka Pass and Umeagaya Pass! "I read a word sorry"
Because it is pitch black it does not go full bunk, but I run at a reasonable pace.
I ran even when GSXR came for the first time, but on a machine that is totally different to get on
I realize that being! Little by little but steadily evolving (^ _ ^) v
Although it is a familiar route, the road surface changes every moment
Choose a line carefully in the mountain where you do not know what will jump out!
You can see that the oncoming car comes from Oita ahead of time with the light of the light.
What … It is like the world of Initial D (^ _ ^;)
But the pass of the night running while talking with the machine can not be felt quite well in Gymkhana
It is the world of a bike like a closed room ~

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