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I went around the head of the DRZ last night.
Cam Journal was problematic with Sarah in paper and polished with Metal Cleaner
"I added a metal cleaner to the cam and assembled the cam to the head and polished it."
Although scars remain, but afterwards please close your eyes and build up ~
I adjusted shims and applied a lot of zoils and assembled it.
Turn off the engine and start it! !
The sound that comes out is surprisingly quiet · · · Yeah, well this would be fine! !
I ran declaratively and went running.
But running somewhat noisy …. It's not from front but from behind …
Once you go home and remove the muffler, shaking the FMF's Q4 will make the carcass sound inside you ~
We say that this is no good and replaced it to Leo Vinci and restarted.
The engine which turns smoothly soon, the sound has become quiet.
I decided to run running while watching for a while until something went wrong.
I hope the galling does not advance further, but if it is not good
It is a replacement for a new head.
After that, until the 18th day office workshop cup the morning kan on the 4th, the Nakai practice meeting on the 10th, the 11th the KSR practice session
I think that it will run all in DRZ, but as of yesterday the rear tire has a slip sign to the center · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · What should I do?
In the office workshop, the tires will be gone ^ ^;

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