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Since the temperature is going up soon, I should go to tooling even in Okutama ~
Do you think that the number of people who say it is gradually increasing?
That's the latest Okutama information.
I think that the road condition to the lake side is relatively good.
However, inside the tunnel etc. are quite wet so I am in the morning etc.
There is a fear of freezing! Please be careful.
Next from the lake side to Yanagisawa Pass, after the Tamba mountain the remaining snow will be visible in places beside the road.
The remaining snowflakes also increased from Oilan Deep, and the more I wanted to slowly crank in four wheels
The situation is bad. Side has been frozen completely in side streets and it is quite dangerous situation.
Since the road on the far side from Oume plays salt potash, it slides suddenly even if it is not wet
be careful.
Since it will improve a little if it comes in March, I think that I will go running again at that time.
If we judge that we can go there, it will be resumption of can touring this year (^ _ ^) v
Let's go to the touring fun so we will run it when we have time again this year ~

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