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Today was scheduled to build a DRZ engine from the morning on schedule.
No, actually it was supposed to be built on Thursday and today I am going to break-in.
No no, the real true should have been completed at the end of last year.
Even at the shop I did not reach the head that said it will arrive on Thursday even today
I am listening to music tonight from morning. While irritated (^ _ ^;)
The head I put out at the beginning of December of last year is still not completed.
Last week I was saying on Thursday, so I will be waiting, so I will not tell you the inquiry number of home delivery so I sent you an email but there is no tone · · · Well what is going on?
I am overshadowed because I am already too lazy.
I also do business so I can not believe this, if I will be late for 2 weeks delivery
Desperately rush around, but the shop here does not seem to feel like that?
Well maybe it will arrive today?

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