Riding lesson in Okayama

I came up with a riding lesson at City Light Park in Okayama.
Speaking of origin, why do not you try riding lessons from Okayama’s Ogasawako and Watanabe? It was the beginning of receiving an invitation.
Famous people are indebted to Gymkhana, as well as going on touring and consulting about physical condition management is commonplace.

Why do not you try asking for fun? …. became the talk of the day.

Well, what shall we teach? I got lost very much, but a word of funny saying
“What do you keep in mind and are you running at all times? Should I just tell it?”
The content was decided by saying.

Only 3 points to tell this time! “It is the content saying to repeatedly practice these three points carefully”
Starting from the seating position, looking at the state of the machine, I’m going to see each person
With nearly twenty people, the time goes by quickly.


I do not know if it was delivered successfully, but I was glad that I participated when I repeatedly practiced!
I am thinking that it would be good to think so.


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