The pass was still snowing (^ _ ^;)

I could not get on the NUDA 900 R for a while, and it was around this time that the stress was accumulating.
Even more, low seat and slip-on muffler etc which had been asked from before · · ·
I can not stand it because things I had planned were included in various things. .
Since the temperature is high, I am leaving with a little clothes on.

I do not know what state it is, but for the time being, Okutama!
I was surprised at the parking lot! I can not enter it on a motorbike. .


And the first time I was born frozen in Okutama Lake! !


To be honest this is Yanagisawa Pass is very bad ~ ~ ~

While thinking, watch the dirty motorcycle already, go as far as you can go!

, I arrived, Yanagisawa Pass!


No bike or car Quiet ~~~ Mt. Fuji seen from the top of the mountain was like Mt. Fuji like Laputa.


After that, go through the Sasako tunnel and go to the big moon!
Atsugi Kaido passes through Tsuru from Otsuki. . I came back from Uenohara passing through Itsukaichi.

Well, NUDA who ran endlessly in the snow melting road. . Super super black. .

I washed it and made it beautiful. .

The direction of the suspension which I had been suffering with this time was decided this time.

I knew where to fix before the full-scale bike season
I think that the pace will rise at a stretch from now – (^ _ ^;)

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