Changing age and riding

Perhaps my running is not enough for those who know my old riding?
Because you are old? Because you accumulated experience?
In the past I slipped on the braking and slipped on the acceleration, the tire rang at the rise of the rotation!
It was such an unreasonable riding ^ ^;
If you think carefully, it may be that the tires were bad or the motorcycle was bad
Now I have stopped running like that …. No, I can not do it?
Just thinking in a good direction, I used to ride like that once and since now I have it!
I feel like that. I am sensitive to the moment the tire slips!
So it is possible to run with precise control before and after the limit point of the tire! That is my current run. I am going to do that ^ ^;

However, in fact the biggest grip is hidden where you actually started sliding a bit.
My character of a coward can not take that first step.
I want to go even a little step even little by little. While thinking out the maximum grip, I aimed for a technology that can run gymkana's narrow line accurately ~ I think today · · ·

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