Change of mind

Several months since I decided to go gymkhana with ZRX.
Finally the machine has finished feeling good!


By the way I was able to fight top for the time until the last year
From there it will suddenly move to a heavy weight car to win
There is a fight in the mind.

Because I can not win … Maybe I can not go on to the podium as well?
It is painful to play gymkhana with such a feeling!
That's why everyone is going to move to a light car.

It is because I believe there is one reason to purposely return to heavy-duty vehicles
I want to express that belief only now!

But it is painful not to be able to run fast all the time
good? Are you still wanting to fight top?
There is no doubt that tweets of such hearts have been complaining.

But, around this time my heart began to calm down
It is a lot of fun to ride the ZRX.
After all Jimukana is a big bike!
I can express it dignifiedly with such a heart.

Time may not come out, but running on gymkhana
Just like being a stage to express myself.
I would like to continue running so that I can continue to leave something to the viewer.

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