Evacuation from bad flow

I wanted to run like this for a long time, facing my own running, but I had such a goal.

I have seriously changed riding since last year with top priority.
However, because it can not be changed so easily, it was a situation where consciousness was focused on how to run even during the convention.


Because it is such a situation, although I concentrate on riding, mistakes have occurred frequently from the first Dunlop race.
Miscoose, stall ,,

However, recently changing riding has become established and it has become possible to run unconsciously.
With the ability to run unconsciously, I could afford to think about the course, and mistakes have also decreased.

And finally I was able to run without big mistakes in the 3 races of Dunlop this time.

The first heat is quite calm and I do not know what feeling the road surface temperature is too hot
I let the tire have a margin to run a little, and ran.

The goal time was 1 minute 42 seconds 8 ,,.

The 2nd heat eye will be able to attack it without mercy! I was enthusiastic about it
The tire is pushed to the weight of S1000 and the front runs out a little just a little.
When power was applied, it was a situation that he hesitated to open wide with a feeling that he had a good feeling.

And the time I went out was 1 minute 42 seconds 3

I was also able to win the SB class by winning the second overall overall with the help of other players' mistakes.
I got a bit of time, but I was one step closer to goal riding even if I saw a video! I am glad that it is.

From March I was able to escape from the bad flow which was a mistake last! I feel like that.
Really, it was painful ~

From now on it would be best if it would be more aggressive to attack.
I hope to complete the riding more and I hope to have a good fight in the second half of the race at S1000.

And next season is a long road gymkhana experience, I have never put out a hand, with an intermediate displacement road bike
I want to get speed.
The car is Ninja 400. . I will start making machines from now, but how far can I raise the potential
I am very much looking forward to it.



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