Ehime Dunlop Tournament finals

I went to the final round of the Ehime Dunlop Games that I go every year.

This time I went back and forth and tried ferry between Osaka and Ehime.

On Saturday Osaka Minamiko 22:00 Departure departure Orange Ferry
At 06: 00 arrive at Toyo Port · · · Venue entry is 07: 00 Don Pissha arrival (^ ^ ♪

After returning to the tournament, after moving to hot springs and having a meal, from ferry from Toyo Port 22:30 arrive at Osaka Nanko 6:10
It's busy to say it was a relaxing expedition.
Ehime expedition (2 ^ 3 ___ ___ 0
The price was also able to enjoy on expedition at a price comparable to the high speed fee from Osaka, fuel cost, and accommodation fee of 2 nights (^ ^ ♪
Who do you think if you think next year?


Well, it is the tournament, is Ehime too cold? It says that the temperature decreases and wind speed 7 m continues to blow
The worst situation so far. .
The first heat cooled the tire and it slid a little bit.
Moreover, it flew to it.

In the second heat I was careful about flying What a continuous flying (^ – ^;
Try Gymkaa miss coach for 2 heat and flying and west competition for 2 heat this time are not going well (^ – ^;

Next year I have to go to Tri, Ehime and Revenge ~

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