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I see. I understood and understood the word precedence, but I understood the meaning properly. It is surprising that I do not know exactly the words you hear in daily life.

Higashi Haruhira
2006/03/07 13: 09

Even at Motard, if you are watching the drift of a fast man, it is like 'I've slipped because I make a full brake where I worked ahead.'
Also, its predecessor behavior is not the optimal posture to bend, it is the optimal posture to accelerate.
This area looks like a fast person in Gymkhana.

2006/03/07 15: 01

Even drift, whatever you do, let's have the maximum grip first
It's a story! It's a low load drift ~

2006/03/07 16: 05

Drifting and hang-on are riding to run fast in the race, but people entering from the shape are many good. It is cool to see good people. I guess that it is good = you think that it is good. maybe. It is a bit of a conversation, but there are quite a few people in general around me who want to "get better". I think that the criterion is probably in that person that I want to become "good", but it is not good to become successful whenever I hear the word "I want to get better" from a general rider who does not play or do anything I wonder what it is. For example, it may be that it is good to have drift and hang-ons affordable. It will not have to be so quick, if it looks cool, it's not competition-oriented. Why do not you hang on when you go to the touring with such people? You are asked. I'm not good because I can not do it with my hang-on … I bet.

Higashi Haruhira
2006/03/07 19:19

Among gymkhana, there may be a difference around that?
A person who wants to put out time because nothing is good! This is Jimukana.
Besides, it is the gymkaa that you manipulate big bike freely! Many people are looking at the goodness there.
I want to run fast on both, and I want to manipulate big bike freely.
Well say thirteen people and ten colors?
But why are not you hanging on? At the time I was asked
People around me think that Mr. East is good!
Let's go to the touring with a gym friends this time! I will invite you next time.

2006/03/07 23: 25

Is it a touring ?! I'd love to! If I think about it last year I may not have touring with the gym friends. I think I went to the general rider about five times.

That person is hard to say, but to be honest I'd say I'd like to decide a drift, hang-on or something better. "Furthermore," It's even better if you can do a wheelie, a jackknife or a stop, " I also have something to think about. It does not have to be early. Yes. But I can not do it. Before practicing hang-ons and drifts "I practiced at the time of 8" is the feeling and I'm doing only 8 characters.

Bunder's sitting in ZRX is really cool! Even if anyone sees it, I always see it on the best lap of Moto Bito's DVD, so I pridefully watch quite a lot. Because DVD is in BGV state with title repeat.

Last spring JAPAN 's DVD was unbelievably somewhat numb with something where I was willy despite the fact that I was lying down in front of a straight line after I left out of a box turn.

Higashi Haruhira
2006/03/08 00: 05

Nevertheless I will challenge with Sepahan (No Д`)

People of Sepahan
2006/03/08 05: 59

You see a lot of Mr. East, DVD?
There is a sense of stability, beautiful, there is no waste, preference? There are cool looks right?
I like to play hanging on and drifting. I believe that there is a drawer that can be obtained from play.
Sepahan got frustrated!

2006/03/08 16: 45

In order to operate any motorcycle freely any riding
I want to become! I am also aiming!
You still need flashy action as well. Because the DRZ will recover soon
Should I practice? (^ _ ^) V

2006/03/08 21: 30

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