How to grasp

It will be around 18 years ago, but it is still around HMS.
I grasped my handle with thumb and index finger and took the shape to grasp the brake with the middle finger to little finger. When running is also getting boil down Mr. Suzuki of Intra if you can use the brake with the index finger or the middle finger? It was said. At that time I switched to the forefinger while practicing every day I practiced. "Since the middle finger does not have the second joint, it is difficult to use and stopped."

How do you hold the handlebar? It seems natural to have human beings with little finger and ring finger! It seems that it is the most powerful and can not be easily removed.
And the brake adds the middle finger based on the index finger, and finally holds it with the whole finger.
Since Jimkarna and public roads want to grab the brake at the moment, the index finger always hangs.
So, is it for balancing the left and right? The index finger is also on the clutch side (^ _ ^;)
"This has been noticed when retired, … I also remembered retirement …"
I think even if I run, but this shape does not enter the extra place, and to control the machine finely
I feel like the best form.
At that time Suzuki knew that this shape was good ~
And Ms. Suzuki is a translation that went up to the top in the intra world.
I also went to the top in this form!

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