New Bridgestone 002PRO

Yesterday I tested BRIDGESTONE 's 002 PRO with D.
I think that there are many things that I do not know yet for the place where I thrust in a little time traveling
To be honest, I felt that it ranked two more than any tire level I have ever had.
I can not find a bad place.
Especially the neutral handling is stable under any circumstances, and the influence of rider's mistake
It will minimize it!
With amazing grip and neutral handling, while absorbing various energy
A tire that will advance in the direction of travel. The machine that I own is very easy to get on and on a smooth machine
It is a tire that will change. A terrible tire came out. .

However, this tire is considerably exhausted and seems to be a tough tire for your wallet.
By the way, it seems that 002 will come out for public roads, so will that be more recommended?

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