New SSB slider test

I first toppled over with the new SSB slider introduced last time, and I have been testing.


The fall of this time is not big as energy because of the fall at the time of escape from figure 8
I think that the metal part will not bend at all and that sufficient strength has been obtained.
Besides, there are no damages other than sliders for bumper damage, and it can be expected to have a great effect as SSB protection.

The condition of slider scraping is like this.


Naturally there is no damage to the road surface so for the gymkaa which is supposed to be required for the protection of the road in the future
I think that it will become necessary parts.

If there is one concern it is said to be somewhat slippery.
Also, I jumped out of the SSB by about 30 ?, but in this run I took a pylon
There was nothing like disturbing.

This new SSB slider is already installed at the customer 's end, except for installation at the time of brand new
It is a product that can be installed if you can send it to SSB.

I think that we will start selling at base installation cost 1 piece 5400 yen "slide 1" = 3780 yen including tax "without tax".

In case of attaching to SSB at hand it costs extra shipping fee.

I wanted to make it look a bit more refreshing.
It is a commodity devised by considering various contents such as easy replacement of Duracon, little damage etc. as much as possible without becoming heavy. I hope that you will find it useful.

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