Moon Ring Two Wheel One Day School

I participated in the monthly wheel one day school held on July 31.

30 days After moving work, staying at Toyokawa in Aichi,
I left Toyogawa at 5 o'clock in the early morning and arrived at the Tsunami ring school in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.

The Tuna Family school is a place I have been to do in the past about three times, but once was a convention, once was a practice session of RS Kyoto? So I am the first time to run here with Uno.
"It was certainly Kyosei All Night or something I ran with Uno, since then."

I was really looking forward to running with the same ZRX, but other teachers and students also had plenty of ZRX and there were plenty of big bikes including CB 1300. .
And high mounting rate of SSB! thank you very much.


After the meeting and gymnastics are over, please give a class about riding attitude and riding. As she came unrepentantly
Although I will tell you where I am thinking, I will reveal the shallowness of the pocket that will make it difficult to express. (^ ^;


Still it would have been good if it was told somehow. . .

It is divided into upper class and beginner class. There was a course slalom and a figure 8 character area.
Is it the first time in 5 years to slalom with ZRX 1200?
In the meantime, I changed the rear brake to Brembo, did it hurt? Are not you familiar with bikes?
Do you feel tired of traveling again? First of all it is bad and I can not get on the rhythm well. (^ ^;

Try to test drive Uno? I started running, but as soon as I came back I heard that the rear brake went out. . When I looked it up, the breather bolt was loose and oil was blowing. . I'm sorry. .
I got everyone to help and finished repairing safely. .
Now that the brakes are working properly, it has become easier to run. (^ ^;

A mini-event of late ride competition was held before noon.
It is a game saying how many seconds you can stop without putting your feet inside a rectangular frame in team battle. .
It is my most inadequate field (laugh) "I do not practice on a slow ride, is not it ~"


How I finished in 6 seconds ~~ (; ∀;)
Without exercise, I was consoled when it was fine for 6 seconds.
July 30th was my 56th birthday. I got a birthday present from everyone.


Even if it becomes how many it is glad. I'm really thankful to you. .

It is a course slalom with a long distance in the afternoon, having lunch everyone enjoyable.


I was running running thinking that it was a while since I was a train.

Then, Mr. Uno says, "Can you try running hard so hard?" . .
I am running fun so hard, but (laugh).
Then I tried running at a level that I would not go back on saying.

Mr. Uno Was it a little satisfied or not?

Because I got tired a bit, I thought about my way home and finished with this. .
I ended the practice session and thanked everyone and left the moon ring behind.

I hope the original schedule will be back to where I can return and stay at some hotel.
I said that, after all I came back home.

I also would like to go if there is opportunity.

Everyone of the moon ring really took care of me. .

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