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The first gymkhana in Hokkaido is about to begin.
Listen to rumors What kind of slippery surface is it? And what kind of detailed course is it?
I entered the venue with quite anxiety.
I am running at the practice session the other day, but it is a different school from the real number! why~(:_;)
When I actually started walking around the course, I just painted the pave that I just repaired the day before.
White line · · · And the sky which is about to drop down · · · No, it is a little down …
If it rains on this road … … Awesome (^ _ ^;)
At that time I cried unexpectedly in my heart "Yoshioka: let me clear up ~"
I gradually picked up whether I felt that feeling.
There is also a place to open this course, but fine! Impression called.
Just an offset on the slippery white line or on the paved floor
There was braking, impressively thrilling quite a bit.
Running while running the test how fast the first race slips 2nd place …
This is awful! What will you say to everyone when you lose and return …
I am sorry for Yoshioka watching over it …
Thinking that way, I concentrated on more than the Kanto race and tried the second heat.
This time, it is a brisk run including a place to slide.
I was able to win the goal time with a good feeling with a time-up of 3 seconds as planned.
After the tournament, we moved to Otaru as it is.
In Otaru I had a meal with a single assistant Taesu and walked down the Otaru Canal.
Finally, on the last day of Hokkaido, I am coming home with Otaru – Niigata ferry.
It was long and short Hokkaido expedition.

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