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Because of the busyness of work here and the busyness of making a machine, I can not go hands on my blog
Everyday continues ~ ^ ^;
But last weekend we run lazily with Saturday KSR, Sunday SRS practice session
I have set it up!
Suspension is gradually finding a good direction
The engine of the bottom still does not improve (: _;)
From a thin region of torque from 1000 rpm to 3000 rpm
I am burning my hand to the engine that blows at a stretch of 4000 rpm or more.
Shaking the final to the short and make up for the extremely low speed, I started to blow a little
Rough engine characteristics require accelerator operation in micro units.
However if you shake long, there is no strength in the rise from 8 characters and rotation …
Now 80% on the course makes it easy to run, the extremely low speed part is engine
I started thinking in the direction to aim the torque up to 3000 rpm by adjustment.
Because wet running in SRS was really nervous. .
For the moment I am aiming for low-speed torque up with a dense eyesight
I am seeking for something else better.
There are only a few things that I can do until JAPAN, and the fire and the silencer "with a catalyzer for 600"
There is no choice but to find the direction of setting ^ ^;
Anyone else who knows something better?

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