Practice group · · · Moral of Gymkhana rider?

Yesterday was a Dunlop practice session. .
No, I am tired! The day before was Nakai 's resistance to 6, but being busy to fix the pylon!
To fix the pylon, stop the bike and get out of the machine and fix it while avoiding the next coming machine.
A pylon that was supposed to have been corrected when he turned around collapsed.
I was exhausted if I did that all day. .
But it is. . I do not quite understand. .
why? Are you going to beat the pylon in peace? It is inevitable that a pylon hazy pattern collapses occasionally, but because there is a guy who fly far away …
Because I do not want to be released by riders running in the front?
To push the pylon is running shortcut and running!
I guess you will not practice in that way? Gymkhana can not touch the pylon either.
After 30 minutes leave the course shape will be lost …
Honestly honest. It is just a chasing group of disorder. .
I was prematurely getting pregnant ~ I stopped the whole and preached my eyes!
But that is the feeling of all the staff. All members of the staff are gentle, so they do not stand out
I am repairing them all but I'm on my mind. Staff are almost volunteers to say

And you guys are also damaged!
Because I do not want to be defeated by the pylon, let's make the course easy so that it will not be knocked down!
With that saying, I am steadily changing to a course that will not be practiced!

I tried to make it somewhat blurry.

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