Confirmation of own technology

I do not want to work with gimcana only when I started gymkhana!
I'd like to ride in any world! I have been thinking.
So I tried avoiding the riding that I manipulate with small buddies even on a fine course.
But how much do you think so yourself in practice does not apply your skills to circuits? It was supposed to have anxiety saying.
At that time I happened to have F4i bought for touring, so I decided to debut at Nasu circuit four years ago to break through my concerns.
"Nasu is a medium and low speed course but it was a few circuits that I could only go on Saturdays and Sundays because there was a weekend running day but it was closed now but it is closed ~"

And as soon as the run started the results came out! Yes it passed well enough!
You can shift your hiding timing and actions directly to hang on
Time gets accustomed to the course and gets clogged up, eventually a course record
I was able to close down to the time of. And Nasu cup with a name rider
I was able to win even in the race and this result was enough to support my riding and resolved my concern.
To have more results on the circuit, you also need huge money
As I was able to recognize Jimkana 's fun and level well, I stopped it. . (^ _ ^;)
But occasionally I want to go running ~ ~ I want to hang on (^ _ ^) v

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