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I have a very regret feeling after a long time since the competition has ended.
I want to work hard on big bike! I think while doing it
It seems that the era is being crushed by the reality that is shifting to a lighter machine more and more.
It is natural that sports bikes are getting lighter and lighter and litters break 200 kg
In the case of replicas, the weight is reduced to the order of 170 kg, and accordingly the tire is set too low
High grip tires that can withstand 230 kg are gone.
The tires that can be tolerated are close to tooling tires ….
Even if it attacks it will not lead to time … If you attack, the tire will collapse … This is very regretful.
I want to switch to a lightweight machine somewhere of my feelings … I will spirit feelings ^ ^;
But since I do not want to give up yet, practice some methods and be able to smile in the 4th round
I want to do it.
But this method There are no trials that have been good until now …
Is it the only way to get through the current state? Both I think.
I will announce you when satisfactory results come out ~

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