Self-satisfaction! This is the best. .

07 formula CB 1300 SF which becomes six months after purchase!
Recently, my attachment has gotten much fun!
Do you say that it gradually faded to your own color gradually?


Because the car body is large, it is not a quick translation.
But a big car body that moves delicately and faithfully to move his limbs
I am deepening the joy of conquering the machine and the enjoyment of sports riding.

Especially when you run over a pass, you can normally drop off as you touch the sleeve on the guardrail
I can accelerate and decelerate as much as I thought.
It is pleasant and fun to build the line taking also as I wanted (^ ^) v

When it runs slowly on the general road, there is torque but there is no overly sensitive movement
You can run comfortably in a relaxed mood. .

It is safe and enjoyable to enjoy sports riding without knowing what you are tired from any machine!
A sense of unity with a motorcycle that can not be expressed by words alone.
The world is a common bike, but there is only one in the world
I CB 1300 SF!
30 years I got on various bikes and I felt it was going to be the best machine.


Where shall we go next?

Oops, this weekend I will take part in this MJ Cup (^ ^) v

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