Self satisfied 2 MJ cup

Yesterday I joined the MJ Cup.
This time the participating vehicle is CB 1300 SF!
I took part in AB drills on the previous day and practiced half a day and challenged the actual stage.

Honesty CB's body is huge.
I know that the condition is bad to do gymkhana.
But if you do not even think about time it is a real pleasure to control a machine
The power coming from that big body is very fun and I can run.
It is OK if you can understand it
I thought that it would be fine if only one person could tell that charm, I participated.


Still the target is the SB podium!
There was also a thought saying that it was a foam … in the SS mind, but the world is not so sweet ^ _ ^;
I got a bad score. .

If you make a good translation, the machine that messed with it is very powerful
Power to lightly lift the machine and to an unstable engine at low speed
I say that you burned a hand ^ _ ^;
But the attractiveness of our CB 1300 SF including touring and looks is not diminished
You see more shining on yourself!
I feel like I'm controlling you ~ (^^) v

I do not know when to use CB next time, but I have to train a little more
I want to go to Gymkhana (^ ^) v

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