Assembling the run

I will write about how I do the basic operation and assembling it.
Please think about the difference between your assembly and thought from there.
I think that it is quite difficult to understand here but it is convenient.

? Turn in from braking by straight!
At this time it is natural to slow down the speed, but the next line of acceleration will enter the line assuming a line that can be opened as quickly as possible.

? Acceleration from turn-on
When turning in from the full brake, so as not to overstrain the front excess, so as to stabilize
I gradually pull out the front brake little by little. Since the excessive weight of the rear is almost gone at that stage
Be careful not to lock the rear tire.
Before banking is over and the steady circle turns into turn, is it before or after?
Open the accelerator to make a partial to take the slack on the acceleration side of the chain.
"That makes the suspension stop shrinking and the rear suspension creates a rigid state in the direction of shrinking"

? From accelerator ON to wide open
While building a structure where sufficient excessive weight is mounted on the rear tire, the rear tire reaches the direction of travel of the front tire
You can slide and catch up with the image to open the accelerator and move overload a little so as to remove the rear overload
While turning and accelerating.

? Full acceleration
Acceleration G occurs as the body opens up the accelerator as the body gets up, acceleration like G pulling the body backwards with acceleration, while absorbing the force with the spine, concentrate the force on the butt and press it against the seat .
And while changing the position while feeling the sliding crash and the front end floating
Accelerate while controlling the opening degree of the accelerator.
Here, as the front ground point rises to the position of the front axle
You can think that you can fully accelerate it. The front descends when it gets higher than that.
I will cease to open the accelerator slightly when I'm about to come to such a situation.
But I stop it instead of returning. And when the machine stands up it is fully open.

This is my basic pattern. From this basic pattern, line removal and breaking point
Etc. will be decided.

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