Features of fast riders "Bank edition"

Since this is not everything, please listen lightly ~

Weight shifting for banking is done more or less for any rider.
But fast riders are different from that!
Keeping the same position for bike collapsing due to weight shift Unity with motorcycle
It falls.
But late riders will overtake the body and bike will fall alone.
But it's lean, it's putting my body back in order to lean in.
I will skip over the details because the difficulty can not be told in writing
It is hang on such as Moto GP that you can see this movement slowly.
I will fall from machine to machine with a hang-on and weight shift at once! !
That's right It is necessary for it to bend! !
I think that the difference in movement comes from the difference in bending.
So how do I practice?
To start with a shallow bank first! ! It can be practiced even while running in the city.
First of all, when you are sitting on the seat, tilt your upper body slightly for the weight that is equally on your butt
We put more weight on one butt "At that stage we hold down the handle and do not bank."
I pull out a little of the input from the handle, keep the upper body keeping the bank, and bend it by the lane change degree.
To the last it is small and small because it is scary of deep banks and bending too much at the beginning. .


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