Why do you run fast? "Things not made like ordinary"

What are the tricks to run machines fast in motor sports, not just gymkhana?
The most important thing to think about is to open the accelerator long and long! This is all a translation.
And for all technologies this will become the base and everything will go on.
So long to open up the accelerator?
? Finish brakes as quickly as possible
• Reorient a short time, short distance.
? You can open the accelerator as quickly as possible.
It will be said. From there we separate into tasks of each technology
It connects each smoothly, and at the end it is translated into line speed taking into consideration the speed.
Is not there a lot of people other than those who forgot to become this grandmother construct a run?
Even though it was bent a lot, people who did not open the accelerator by giving priority to line taking
Are not you?

Also paradoxical in reflecting running? It is good to do an idea.
* I wondered if I could not change the direction and opening up the accelerator slowed down? · · ·
* I wondered why it was too hard to stop and I could not open the accelerator in the next straight? · · ·
* I wonder if it was impossible to take lines that could open the accelerator quickly? …

Originally should I enter this story first ~~ I say that planning is nothing or what to say …
Well – I will write in a whim. .


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